VIDEO: Film about a woman’s world goes viral

VIDEO: Film about a woman's world goes viral
A shot from the film shows a topless woman running past a man wheeling a kid in the pram. Screengrab: Majorité Opprimé
What would the world be like if it was women who sexually harassed men in the streets and left men in charge of child care? That alternate universe is the subject of the thought provoking, viral video made by a French director.

In the French-made short film Majorité Opprimé or "Oppressed Majority" men and women have switched roles and the result is as fascinating as it is disturbing.

Things start off in a funny enough way with the main character Pierre being casually mocked by a bare chested female jogger. But the day following the lumpy stay-at-home dad pushing his child in a pram gets a lot darker.

Made in 2010 by French actress, screenwriter and director Eleonoré Pourriat, the film has been building steam for quite a while but has gone viral recently with millions of views added to the hundreds of thousands it already had.

 "I totally didn’t expect it and I didn’t expect it to grow to such great proportions," Pourriat told The Local. "And it’s not done yet. It’s totally crazy, more than 6.5 million views."

CLICK HERE for the full interview with Pourriat.

Here is  the film, which is in French, but with English subtitles: 

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