French mansion worth €2m up for grabs for €10

Always wanted to buy your dream mansion in rural France but could never afford it? Well now's your chance. A €2 million 520-square-metre mini-chateau, located just a short drive from Paris is up for grabs for as little as €10. But you will have to be smart to get it.

French mansion worth €2m up for grabs for €10
A French mansion has hit the market at a price low enough to make you reconsider buying a cup of coffee. Photo:

A €2 million mansion in picturesque rural France for only €10!

Yes, of course there is a catch. But it's not a bad one and it can be overcome.

The owner of the mini-chateau, Natacha Baudier, 39 has opted for an alternative and unusual sales tactic, after having difficulty finding a buyer for her property through conventional means,  French newspaper La Tribune reported.

In an effort to be able to finally move out of the home situated 20 km south of the town Charleville-Mézièresin the Champagne-Ardennes region of eastern France, Baudier organized a game.

So it works like this. You throw in €10, which buys you entrance to the game. Then you have to answer two questions: one on logic and one on general knowledge. If you provide the right answers you make it to the next round. The process is repeated until only one lucky, or more to the point, smart, winner is left.

To get your hands on the prize then you are going to have to beat thousands of wannabe new home owners in a match of wits. It’s essentially like the American game show Jeopardy only the prize is a whole lot better.

Baudier, 39, is hoping that a minimum of 200,000 punters will be tempted by the chance to win the mini-chateau, which will help her reclaim the €2 million she says the house is worth.

The trouble for Baudier will be to find all those people. 

(The picturesque town of Charleville-Mézièresis. Photo: Robindesbois2011/Flickr)

For the moment only a couple of hundred people have responded to her offer, which means she could end up selling the house for the price of a second hand TV, or a pint in a bar in Paris.

Accordingly, Baudier has set a deadline of February 19th, after which she will cancel the game if she doesn’t get enough contestants.

With France still the number one destination for Brits interested in buying property abroad, perhaps she would be wise advertising her game across the Channel.

If the contest gets called off she has guaranteed to reimburse everyone’s money. So nothing to lose it seems.

And if the games do begin and you manage to be the luckiest or smartest one, just what exactly is your prize?

Built in 2006, the brick home has 1.5 hectares of green space, a four–car garage, a 260-square-metre basement and a modern kitchen. The five bedrooms are situated on the first floor and two of them have private balconies that overlook the surrounding countryside.

If you think you’ve got what it takes or just can’t pass up a house at the price of a handful of metro tickets, click here for the details.

Baudier isn’t the first to propose this kind of contest. A family man named Stéphane Iglicke offered his French home in a similar game in July 2010. A heavily indebted father in the American state of Iowa also famously put his family house up for sale in 2010 for just $100 and the best essay on the housing real estate crisis.

Here is a France TV report on the sale, though it is in French, you get a closer view of the home.

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