Ten things Google tells us about the French

The French are always eager to know what the world thinks of them and their country, especially Anglos. So rather than spending weeks sending out thousands of questionaires, who better to tell us than Google's autocomplete function. Here's our top ten.

Ten things Google tells us about the French
What ten things does Google tell us about France and the French? Photo: Flickr/Wikimedia Commons/The Local

Granted the predictive auto-complete may not be the most scientifically reliable but it does give us a good idea of Anglo preconceptions of our Gallic cousins. 

While Google’s predictions ar based mostly on what other people around the world are commonly searching for as well as being partly based on your own Google profiles and previous searches on the computer you’re using.

We typed in phrases like “Why is France so…” and “Why do the French…” and even “Why do Frenchmen…” and Google provided the rest. 

So here are the results. Make of them what you will. Are they all myths or reality? And how would you finish this sentence “Why is France so…” CLICK BELOW

Ten things Google can reveal about the French

And what about the rest of Europe? What about our German friends what are Google's stereotypes about them? Are they all rich and hairy? Click on the image below.

And what about our Latin cousins in Spain? Does Google say they are lazy? Click below.

Is Sweden full of tall blonde vikings? Click on image below.

And the Italians? Does Google think they all wear sunglasses at night? Click below.

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