French paraglider woos web with stunning video

French paraglider woos web with stunning video
Jean-Baptiste Chandelier dipping his feet in a swimming pool at a hotel in Greece. See what else he gets up to. Photo: Screengrab YouTube
VIDEO: If you have ever really wanted to paraglide but been too scared to do to it, then just sit back and watch Frenchman Jean-Baptiste Chandelier take you on a stunning ride around the Alps, Greece and beyond, like hundreds of thousands of web viewers around the world have done.

He could be the biggest advert for the sport of paragliding or on the other hand he could bring on a bout of vertigo and make you never want to go near a mountain again.

But if the number of people who have seen Jean-Baptiste Chandelier’s video – now into the hundreds of thousands – are anything to by then paragliding clubs can expect a few new members this summer.

In his latest video montage titled “Touch”, Chandelier takes us from the famous Aguille-du-Midi summit in the Alps to a luxury hotel in Greece and Col du Galibier, also in the Hautes-Alpes.

Those who have seen the video have fallen under its spell.

"Watched this half a dozen times already… and it only gets better," said one commenter on YouTube.

He glides into swimming pools, surfs along roads and performs stomach-churning 360° flips high above the snow-covered Alps.

Enough of the preamble. Watch him for yourself.

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