No pants: Parisians set to drop trousers for Metro

Passengers on Paris' Metro system will have the chance to leave their trousers - and a little bit of their dignity - at home this Sunday with the annual 'No Pants Subway Ride'. Will you be taking part?

No pants: Parisians set to drop trousers for Metro
Sunday is the annual "No Pants Subway Ride" in Paris .Will you be going?

If you were hoping to take Sunday 'clothing-optional' comfort into public then here's some good news for you. 

'No Pants Subway Ride' is an annual event that started as a prank by a group of New Yorkers in 2002. Since then it's spread to undergrounds all over the world.

So if you're in Paris this weekend don't miss the chance to remove your trousers in public. You’ll have plenty of company.

On Sunday a group of people will congregate on Metro Line 1 on Sunday at  3 pm at the Charles de Gaulle Etoile station, simply remove their pants and ride the train.

The only rules are to act normal and not to laugh. It’s intended to be fun for you and the unsuspecting people on the train who will be surrounded by pants-less strangers.

See below for a clip from the '2013 No Pants Subway Ride' in Paris.

Here's a clip of the first 'No Pants Subway Ride' in Paris in 2012:

No Pants Subway Ride – Paris – 1st Edition from FeedzeCat Steffi on Vimeo.

You can find out more about the event by going to the official Facebook page here.

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