Right numbers wrong lotto: Woman ‘loses’ €8m

Friday the 13th proved to be truly unlucky for a retired woman in the Alsace region of eastern France, who normally plays the national lottery each week without fail. Until, that is, she decided to do something different.

Right numbers wrong lotto: Woman 'loses' €8m
Photo: Philippe Huguen/AFP

The woman, a resident of the village of Saint Louis in her 60s, has bought tickets for the "Super Loto" on a weekly basis, always using the same combination of six numbers in a bid to win the jackpot.

But last Friday, December 13th, she was tempted by a bigger prize in the Euromillions lottery game —where €43 million was up for grabs. The jackpot for the "Super Loto" lottery, run by the state-owned Française des Jeux, on the other hand was a meagre €16 million.

So she decided to abandon her faithful draw but used her trusty numbers for the Euromillions instead , according to a report this week from local newspaper Les Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace.

But alas, the numbers 1-6-16-32-41-1 did not yield any prize from the Euromillions draw but they turned out to be the winning combination for the "Super Loto".

When the woman consulted the results the next day she fainted, believing that she had won, Les Dernière Nouvelles d’Alsace reported.

It was only when she came round that she realized she had the winning numbers for the wrong lottery, the newspaper said.

It turns out that there someone that same night did pick the winning numbers for the "Super Loto", meaning the unlucky pensioner missed out on a cool €8 million, which would have been her share of the jackpot. 

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