Car flies 45 metres over Swiss border hut

The driver of a speeding car miraculously escaped serious injury when the vehicle soared 45 metres in the air after striking a barrier at the French border crossing into Geneva, the Swiss Border Guard said on Tuesday.

Car flies 45 metres over Swiss border hut
Is it a car or is it a plane? Image provided by Swiss Border Guard.

The black Audi sedan flew a distance of around 45 metres over the top of currency exchange hut, flipping in mid-air before crash-landing, border guards said.

The car rose at least five metres above the ground to clear the hut before landing on four wheels, according to a news release.

The incident occurred on Friday at 11pm at the Thônex-Vallard border crossing.

The vehicle was travelling at an “excessive speed”, the border guard service said.

“By a miracle, there was no serious injury to report.”

The driver, whose identity was not released, received only a slight hand injury.

Border guards released a photo of the crumpled car along with a diagram showing the airborne trajectory of the vehicle.

Because the accident occurred on the French side of the border the investigation will be carried out in France, Swiss officials said.

The Swiss Border Guard noted that crash occurred in an area where the speed limit was 70 kilometres an hour.

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