French cop ‘offers driver clean license for sex’

French cop 'offers driver clean license for sex'
Rogue policeman allegedly demanded sexual favours from a female driver. Photo: Inventor Chris/flickr
A rogue policeman in France is in trouble with the law after allegedly demanding sexual favours from a young mother in exchange for turning a blind eye to her motoring offences.

Drivers often complain police are too inflexible when it comes to judging minor driving offences but one rogue officer in France cannot be accused of that.

According to Le Parisien newspaper the officer from the CRS unit, which normally deals with riots and major disorder, was driving along in a patrol car last month when signalled for the young mother aged 35, to pull over into a lay-by on the A13 near Paris.

He spotted a series of faults with the woman’s car that constitute infringements that are normally subject to fines. As he began writing out the penalty notices he asked the woman, named as Stephanie, to join him in his car.

“Stephanie then saw the policeman, with his pants down in an aroused state,” reported the Le Parisien. The officer reportedly then offered to forget about the fines "if she appeared conciliatory”.

However the mother refused his offer and the policeman, perhaps realising his disgraceful error of judgement, pulled his pants up and then offered to escort the traumatised woman to her home.

The matter did not end there, however. This week the officer was charged with indecent exposure and corruption before being remanded in custody.

The officer was also hit with charges related to previous incidents suggesting he had a history of errant behaviour.

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