And the best place to study in France is…?

Ever wondered where the best place in France to be a student is? If you think it's Paris you'd be wrong, apparently. Here is a countdown of the Top Ten best places in France to study and the reasons why, according to the latest rankings. Can you guess which city comes out on top?

And the best place to study in France is...?
Photos: FDEcomité/Flickr/Godefroy/Wikimedia

According to the rankings by student magazine the French capital Paris is not even one of the top ten best places in the country to study.

The reason for that is all down to cost, according to Virginie Bertereau, from 

"Obviously Paris is great for culture but the cost of living, and in particular the price of accomodation, means it does not score highly in the rankings," she told The Local.

Apart from "culture" the classifications were based on everything from job prospects to transport and quality of teaching to nightlife.

The Top Ten makes for interesting reading, especially the number one spot, which most gap year students would probably never think of when planning their year out.

So without further ado, here is a countdown of the top ten places in France to be a student, from 10 to number one and the reasons why, according to

CLICK HERE: The Top Ten places to study in France

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France to make period products free for students

The French government said on Tuesday it would make period products free for students, joining a global drive to end "period poverty" - the inability to pay for menstrual protection.

France to make period products free for students
Last year, Scotland became the first country in the world to offer free universal access to period products. Photo: Andy Buchanan / AFP

Higher Education Minister Frederique Vidal said that machines containing free tampons, sanitary towels and other period products would be installed in student residences and university health services in the coming weeks.

She added that the government aimed to make period protection “completely free of charge” for all by the start of the next academic year in September.

In November, Scotland became the first country in the world to make period products free for all, blazing a trail that inspired feminists and anti-poverty campaigners around the world to also take up the issue of period poverty.

In England, free period products are available in all primary and secondary schools – a move New Zealand said last week it too would implement.

In December, President Emmanuel Macron had promised to also address the issue of period poverty.

Commenting on the plight of homeless women, he noted that “the fact of having your period in the street and to not be able to buy something to protect yourself and preserve your dignity” added to the humiliation they suffered.

The move to make sanitary protection free for students comes amid a growing focus on youth poverty following shock images of food banks being swamped by hard-up students due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Many students say they are struggling to make ends meet after losing part-time jobs in cafes and restaurants which have been closed for months due to the health crisis.