Exorcism sparks murder fears in French town

Police in the town of Limoux, south-western France, must have feared the worst when they arrived at the spot where dozens of locals had reported hearing blood-curdling screams, however what greeted them was not what they expected.

Exorcism sparks murder fears in French town
Photo: Alberto Pizzoli/AFP

The forces of law and order received a flood of calls on Friday, coming from the Saint Antoine neighbourhood of Limoux, in Aude, south-western France.

Numerous neighbours had heard repeated, sustained blood-curdling screams coming from a nearby building around 9.30pm on Friday evening.

Police officers, arriving at the address in question, discovered it was the home of the Evangelical Assembly of the Deliverance.

What greeted them was not a grisly murder scene, or a horrific episode of domestic violence, but rather the church’s pastor, locked in fierce battle with a “demon” which had possessed a member of the congregation.

With a handful of church members, and now the local cops as an audience, the exorcism appears to have ended successfully, according to local daily l’Independant.

The “victim,” originally from the island of Réunion in the Indian Ocean, thanked the pastor profusely, and local police were satisfied there was no more cause for concern at the church.

“We did not arrest the demon,” one officer told TF1 television. “And the demon did not kill anyone”, he said.

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