GALLERY: What will France be like in 2025?

French President François Hollande set his cabinet homework recently to predict what France will be like in 2025. People often say change occurs in France at the pace of escargots but here The Local peers into our crystal ball to look at ten ways the country may have evolved by 2025. Let us know your predictions.

GALLERY: What will France be like in 2025?
How do you see France in 2025?

The final assignment French president François Hollande set his ministers before their summer holidays was to look into the future and predict what France will be like in the year 2025.

It was a task carried out with gusto by certain members of the cabinet, whose imaginitive, some would say ridiculous prophecies were leaked to the media this week.

From full employment to a police force armed with the latest technology to the creation of a French rail version of Airbus, cabinet ministers had some pretty lofty ambitions for the country in 2025?

But what else might change in France in 12 years time?  Here The Local asks ten questions about what the future holds for France.

CLICK HERE: Ten ways France might look different in 2025

What fate do you predict for France by 2025? Join the debate by sharing your thoughts in the comments section below.

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