VIDEO: French car advert deemed too sexist for UK

VIDEO: French car advert deemed too sexist for UK
A sexual object or typical Parisian burlesque dancer? Photo: Screen grab from Renault Clio advert.
An advert for Renault Clio cars featuring scantily clad women has been banned in Britain because it was deemed too sexist. However a similar advert featuring bare-chested, gyrating men was given the green light. Double standards? Judge for yourselves.

The banned advert features burlesque dancers clad in sexy underwear dancing in front of a stage backdrop of a typical Paris scene featuring the Eiffel Tower and accordion music.

Renault had argued that the promotional video was a parody of a typical French cabaret scene, the type of which you can see on a visit to the famous Moulin Rouge in Paris.

But advertising watchdog bosses in the UK were concerned that the car advert featured “a number of shots of the women’s breasts and bottoms in which their heads were obscured”.

The Advertising Standards Agency ruled that is was “sexually provocative” and “objectified the dancers by portraying them as sexual objects” and for that reason it was “likely to cause serious widespread offence”.

But out of 3.5 million viewers that have viewed the ad, which is only available online, the ASA received just one complaint. The ban, however remains in place.

In a further twist an almost identical Renault ad, this time featuring bare-chested men gyrating around a female driver has survived ASA’s axe.

A case of double standards or are the ASA right? Both videos are below, judge for yourselves.

And now for the male version:

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