Sweet-smelling French underpants go on sale

A French firm launched a new revolutionary line of underwear this week that it promises will help men “change the world”. The 'Made in France' underpants from 'Le Slip Français' smell sweeter the more you sweat and are now on sale.

Sweet-smelling French underpants go on sale
Photo from Le Slip Français

A revolutionary new line of sweet-smelling men’s underwear was officially launched in France this week.

'Le Slip Français', the company that created the underwear, has combined the latest technology with comfort to invent a pair of briefs called the 'Indomitable' that releases a sweet-smelling odour as soon as you start to sweat.

“You get the underpants and they smell of nothing; you put on the underpants, they still don’t smell, but when you start walking, the underpants smell good,” reads the campaign, listed on My Major Company, a French crowd-funding site. 

The underwear officially went on sale on Wednesday with a pair of briefs set to cost €35 and a pair of boxer shorts slightly more expensive at €40. The underwear is available to buy online and in a number of high street boutiques.

“You want to change the world? You want to change things? Start by changing your underpants,” says the tagline for 'The Indomitable'.

‘The Indomitable’ is reported to contain a masculine “musk and pear” scent, which can last up to 30 washes.  

'Le Slip Français' were only able to create the 'Indomitable' after raising nearly €19,000 ($25,000) from enthusiastic investors banking on it being a huge success.

The pleasing odour which emanates from the underpants comes from micro-capsules of perfume embedded in its cotton fabric, according to regional daily La Dépêche.

'Le Slip Français', was set up in 2011 by 27-year-old Guillaume Gibault, who decided to bank on a trend for all things "Made in France" in order to sell underwear.

Gibault told AFP the briefs will be scented thanks to micro-capsules full of homemade perfume that will be incorporated into the cotton used to make the underpants in the Lille region of northern France.

As soon as the lucky owner of the briefs moves around, the capsules will release the perfume, he says.

"It's quite a masculine perfume, not very strong, based on musk and pears," he said.

Supporters will get a range of rewards for their donations, ranging from a key ring to become the face – or body – of the new underpants, when the firm's advertising drive begins.

The inventors are expected to use the same technology for T-shirts, swim suits and trainers.

Gibault is expecting big things after this week's launch. "Turnover could reach one million euros in 2013," he said.

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