‘Miracle kitten’ survives 200km trip in car engine

‘Miracle kitten’ survives 200km trip in car engine
A kitten in France survived 200km stuck in a car engine. File photo: Nicolas Suzor
A kitten has been dubbed the ‘miracle moggy’ and renamed ‘motor oil’ by her adopted owner after defying the odds by surviving a 200km trip across northern France wedged in the purring engine of a car.

If cats have nine lives then one little kitty in northern France must have used them all up in one go.

The 'miracle kitten' as the the moggy is now being referred to, somehow managed to cling on for dear life inside the engine of a car as it sped 200km from Rennes in Brittany to Caen in Normandy.

“When I got into the car at the farm where I work I heard a cat meowing just as I started the car,” Eugenie Gallais told French radio RTL on Friday.

“I got out of the car and checked under the wheels but did not see anything so I left and drove 200km to my home in Calvados. When I got out of the car there was a little kitten by the wheels.

At first Eugenie thought nothing of it but then on closer inspection realized something was a little fishy.

“It was really dirty, covered in oil but it looked healthy. I thought it looked a little like the kittens from the farm so I called my manager who confirmed that one of them was missing.

“It had to be the one I found by the car.”

Not wanting to be separated from the kitten, Eugenie decided to adopt it and rename it “motor oil”.

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