French mobile app helps lovers have safe sex

French mobile app helps lovers have safe sex
Photo Rorro Navia/Damien Varron
A team of French entrepreneurs have used the latest technology to help promote safe sex in France by creating a smartphone app to help randy lovers find their nearest condom dispenser.

French techies have once again proved their ability to come up with a smartphone app to solve some of life’s major problems.

First it was a team of Parisians who created an app to allow people to notify others of the whereabouts of dog poo on the city’s streets. Then authorities developed an app so residents could point out litter black spots on the capital's notoriously dirty streets.

Now four entrepreneurs from Bordeaux have come up with an app to help lovers practice safe sex by alerting them to the nearest condom dispenser.

The creators behind ‘Condomatix’ say the idea started as a bit of fun but there is also a serious side to the new app.

“There is a growing need to prevent sexual transmitted diseases so using a condom is very important,” one of the creators, Damien Varron, told The Local.

“Twenty-six years after the first campaign in the fight against Aids it's time to come up with new ways of communication,” he added.

“So far the app has been well received and we think it will be popular in France because it is quite unique in that there are a lot of condom dispensers on the street.”

The application is in its early days and will rely on people posting the location of machines to build up the network so that randy couples right across the country can take advantage.

Users can geotag a dispenser, take a photograph of it and mention whether or not it is in working order or not. It is available for both Apple and Android smartphones.

Varron said the team had contacted condom manufactures to try and get their support. They are also looking to expand further afield and have already had contact with someone in Mexico who is interested in developing the app there.

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