Clinton tells the French to be more positive

Clinton tells the French to be more positive
Bill Clinton tells the French to be positive in his interview with Europe1 radio. Photo: screenshot Europe1.
The former US President Bill Clinton had a message for the French public on a visit to Paris this week - “don’t be too pessimistic”.

The French need to keep their chins up and be positive, despite the economic doom and gloom.

That is the message that has been given to the public by former US President Bill Clinton in an interview with French radio station Europe1 this week.

The former occupant of the White House said the French had plenty to be cheery about despite the financial crisis gripping Europe.

“Look at the brain power, the technological capabilities and the productivity of the French people. Look at the immense human resources you have here. France has a huge number of immigrants that can be converted from a constant source of worry into a vital workforce.

“You may have some modernization to do, but you should not be too pessimistic.”

Despite France suffering from record unemployment rates and having recently entered recession Clinton believes good times are around the corner for France.

Clinton admitted that the 21st century would be “complicated” but he believed “the most prosperous period in the history of the world is to come”, before adding the condition that this would happen only “if we take care of climate change as soon as possible”.

The ex-president also commended France for its decisive military interventions in Africa in recent years.

“What you [the French] did in Mali was very courageous and correct,” said Clinton, who also acknowledged France’s “leading role” in Libya.

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