Holiday couple find 20kg of cocaine in suitcase

A French couple in their sixties got a shock this week when they unpacked after their holiday in Ecuador. On opening one of their suitcases, they saw that their possessions had been replaced by 20kg of cocaine.

Holiday couple find 20kg of cocaine in suitcase
Was this the sight that greeted a French couple on their return to Toulouse from a holiday in Ecuador? File photo: Bertrand Guay/AFP

Normally after arriving home from an exotic holiday, the worst a traveller can expect to find in their suitcase is some sand in their shorts, or a couple of broken bottles of duty free.

But one couple in their sixties were taken aback when they arrived home in Toulouse, south-western France on Sunday, after a trip to Ecuador.

Although their suitcase was there its contents were not exactly what they had packed.

On opening one of their suitcases the couple discovered no souvenirs, no Hawaiian shirts and no personal possessions of any kind at all.

Instead, they were greeted by no less than 20 kg of cocaine in plastic bags. The shocked couple immediately called the police.

The service regional de police judiciaire (SRPJ) will now attempt to trace the origins of the drugs, and figure out how they ended up in the living room of the couple in Toulouse, French TV TF1 reported.

What would you do if you found 20kg of cocaine in your suitcase?

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