The Local Europe’s April Fools (plus a pig fish)

The Local Europe's April Fools (plus a pig fish)
Screen shot from French regional newspaper l'Independant showing the 'Pig fish'.
Journalists across Europe enjoyed the annual April Fools Day tradition of trying to fool their readers with spoof stories and The Local network was obviously no different. From Thor's Hammer to Munich's lederhosen, here's a selection.

Just in case it wasn't clear from the nature of the stories themselves – or if you're reluctantly back in the office after the long weekend and need a lift, here is a round-up of The Local's April Fools.

Sweden opted for a historical scam, complete with spooky pictures, asserting that Thor's legendary hammer had been found in a cave under Stockholm. The idea that it was an engineer who recognized markings on the hammer to be Norse runes may have introduced the first seed of doubt.

In Germany the suggestion was raised that Bayern Munich had vowed to play the last match of the Bundesliga wearing traditional lederhosen because, barring some catastrophe, they'll have the competition all wrapped up. Former team doctor Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfahrt – a real person – was even wheeled out to suggest players grease their thighs with goose fat to prevent chafing.

The Eiffel Tower came under fire on the French site, with imaginary feminists calling for the "phallic symbol" to be torn down and replaced with something less resembling a penis. The story even included a French pun, with the group bearing the name Occoupez Le Tour meaning occupy – but also cut off – the tower.

Spanish romantics who refuse to learn from their past mistakes may have gotten temporary succour from the story that a dating site was setting up a facial-recognition-software-powered service to find people who resemble former lovers. The story was so believable that United Press International picked up the story and reported it – seemingly without cottoning onto the joke.

The French press also enjoyed fooling their readers on Monday with various spoof stories ranging from RTL's phoney exclusive that former minister Roselyne Bachelot was to follow in the long line of French women to become Bond girl's to a story by RTBF about Sarkozy becoming the latest Frenchman to seek tax exile in Belgium.

But the winning entry has to go to regional newspaper L'independant for their story of a two fisherman catching a pig-fish (see photo above).

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