Top Ten – French teachers behaving badly

Top Ten - French teachers behaving badly
Most of us have one or two horror stories about our school days. A miscarriage of justice here, a gym teacher with a vendetta there. But a pattern of bizarre classroom behaviour has been emerging in France lately, and The Local has been paying attention. Here it is, our Top Ten Teachers Behaving Badly.

They might be half-witted or absent-minded.  Some are poorly-judged and others are downright mean, but a series of French teachers have been making the headlines in the last few months, and for all the wrong reasons.

Whatever explains this recent spate of pedagogical shenanigans, The Local is here to help you catch up.

Sex, drugs, and paper balls – they're all here, in our 'Top ten teachers behaving badly.'

CLICK HERE to see the ten most outrageous French teacher scandals 

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