How much is this beret worth to a Frenchman?

How much is this beret worth to a Frenchman?
The €8,900 beret in question, available from Origine Ateliers in Anglet. Photo: RR
A Basque jeweller is asking an astonishing €8,900 for that most classic of French fashion accessories – a beret.

The ‘Origine’ workshop in Anglet, in the south-western French department of Pyrénées-Atlantique, lists a ‘beret bijou’ among its sparkling wares.

The suggested price for the single black headpiece? An eye-watering €8,900

Look a little closer, though, and it all starts to make sense. Clipped neatly through a hole in the top of the hat is a pin – studded with 188 white gold diamonds. 

As expensive as a car or a trip round the world, but a priceless French tradition all the same. Any takers?

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