Top 10: Twitter reacts as France drops ‘hashtag’

Top 10: Twitter reacts as France drops 'hashtag'
Photo: The Local
Twitter has exploded after France's 'Journal Officiel' replaced "hashtag" with "mot-dièse," as reported by The Local on Wednesday. We've assembled the ten best reactions from users so far.

"'Hashtag' becomes 'motdièse.' And Steve Jobs is now 'Stephane Jobs.'"

"After changing 'mot-dièse' to 'hashtag", I propose we Frenchify 'troll' into 'diablotin'. MASTERTROLL becomes MAITRE DIABLOTIN."

"'Mot-dièse' or: 'How to lose all credibility.'"

"We're in France. It's to be expected that we have French words for our Anglicisms, even if we never use them." Courriel is the formal French term for 'email.'

"Mot-dièse. My ass."

"I can't decide whether to 'chirp again' on 'Twitter' or 'Like' on 'Face-Book'"

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