Hygiene ‘not a priority’ in France: study

A new poll asking the French about their personal hygiene habits has revealed a few live up to age-old stereotypes.

Hygiene 'not a priority' in France: study
Photo: Flickr/Stevendepolo

The study, by pollster BVA for hygiene product company, Tork, reveals one French person in five only takes a shower every other day.

Even worse, 3.5 percent admitted to showering just once a week.

Some 11.5 percent of respondents make up for the rest, however – they say they take several showers per day.

Hand-washing, it seems, is “not always a priority for the French”, as BVA puts it. 45 percent of those asked claim they do not scrub up after being on public transport.

As for personal hygiene after visiting the toilet – one eighth of those questioned said they do not bother washing their hands.

But last year the French showed themselves to be ahead of the rest of Europe for hygiene.

An Ifop poll for Tena in 2011 showed 97 percent felt ill at ease if they left the house without brushing their teeth or washing their hands, compared to 84 percent of Germans.

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Macron’s popularity falls to 25 percent: poll

The popularity of President Emmanuel Macron has dropped to just 25 percent, according to a major tracker poll published on Sunday.

Macron's popularity falls to 25 percent: poll
Photo: AFP

The poll by research group Ifop was published in the Journal du Dimanche a day after a nationwide “yellow vest” protest against high fuel prices that analysts say has come to represent widespread frustration with the 40-year-old president.

The results of the widely watched poll showed an overall fall of four points in November from the previous month, with only four percent of respondents saying they were “very satisfied” with Macron's performance, while 21 percent were “mostly satisfied”.

Thirty-four percent were “mostly dissatisfied” while 39 percent were “very dissatisfied”, according to the poll.

The survey was conducted between November 9th-17th on 1,957 people.

The results reinforce a longer-term trend of French voters turning quickly on their presidents soon after their election — something which also happened to Macron's predecessors Francois Hollande and Nicolas Sarkozy.

Macron's latest dip still has him higher than Hollande's 20 percent at the same time of his term, while Sarkozy had a rating of 44 percent.

Nearly 283,000 people took part in protests on Sunday that channelled anger at Macron, a former investment banker who has pushed through a series of reforms aimed at bolstering economic growth.

The “yellow vest” movement enjoyed much more public support than others against Macron since he swept to the presidency last year.

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