Hygiene ‘not a priority’ in France: study

Hygiene 'not a priority' in France: study
Photo: Flickr/Stevendepolo
A new poll asking the French about their personal hygiene habits has revealed a few live up to age-old stereotypes.

The study, by pollster BVA for hygiene product company, Tork, reveals one French person in five only takes a shower every other day.

Even worse, 3.5 percent admitted to showering just once a week.

Some 11.5 percent of respondents make up for the rest, however – they say they take several showers per day.

Hand-washing, it seems, is “not always a priority for the French”, as BVA puts it. 45 percent of those asked claim they do not scrub up after being on public transport.

As for personal hygiene after visiting the toilet – one eighth of those questioned said they do not bother washing their hands.

But last year the French showed themselves to be ahead of the rest of Europe for hygiene.

An Ifop poll for Tena in 2011 showed 97 percent felt ill at ease if they left the house without brushing their teeth or washing their hands, compared to 84 percent of Germans.

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