Town hunts werewolves after sheep attacks

A spate of attacks on sheep, many of them found with their throats slit, have caused a mysterious beast hunt in a town in western France.

A flock of ewes were found dead by their owners, savagely killed and often with their throats cut, in the town of Les Mauges, near Nantes. Locals speculated a wild dog or a wolf may be to blame.

But a team of werewolf experts from Paris have been investigating the scene, convinced the half-man half-wolf beast is responsible for the attacks.

Adrien Collineau et Martin Crépon first became interested in the area after another flock of 86 sheep were found dead at the beginning of the summer.

Part of their investigation they distributed leaflets to the local school and spoke to sheep rearers in the area.

Their aim, according to their 7,200-strong Facebook page, is to save this “biologically exceptional beast”. They want to capture it alive in order to they can study it.

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