German teen electrocuted in freak handstand accident

A German tourist was electrocuted and died in an “improbable and surprising” accident, doing handstands near a street lamp on a school trip in Corsica.

The 17-year-old was playing with his schoolmates around the lamp on Saturday night, when he did a handstand in bare feet, hit the lamp and was electrocuted.

“The lamp in questions seems completely normal, no wires were exposed, and it’s placed in an area where up to 300 people could go past it in a day,” a judicial source told AFP.

“For now, the campsite is not being blamed for anything, neither is the behaviour of the kids.”

The group of 50 German teenagers had arrived the same day for a week-long stay on the island.

Police in the area have confirmed psychological support has been offered to the teenagers, and the German consulate was informed.

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