Plumber swamped after band sings his number

A plumber from Evreux, between Paris and Rouen, has been harassed by fans of French band Tyro since his number was accidentally quoted in their new album.

Anthony De Sousa, 24, has been receiving non-stop calls and texts from Tyro fans since Monday, when their new album was released.

Several text messages later, Anthony learned his number was quoted in a hidden song at the end of the album, inviting fans to talk to lead singer Guizmo.

But the plumber has decided not to change his phone number, fearing it would affect his work.

“If I change number I’ll have to tell all my clients so they don’t changes plumbers. It’s a waste of time and I could lose money,” he told local paper Le Parisien.

“I want to send out a very clear message: Do not call this number, there’s only me at the other end of the line! So many people just hang up on me when they hear it’s not the voice of Guizmo. And I hate that, it makes me hysterical.”

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