Speed cameras make record profits for state

Speed cameras make record profits for state
Speed cameras in France are set to make a record yield this year, bringing in an estimated €700 million for the French government.

Between January 1 and June 30, the cameras made €324 million, according to the French national office of automatic offenses.

This year’s expected earnings are set to surpass last year’s – 2011 saw speed cameras raise a record 639 million euros.

The increase in yield is thought be because of an increase of cameras on the roads. In 2012, there were 2,200, compared to 1,473 in 2008. A batch of 1,400 cameras outside schools were also installed this year.

One road traffic expert, speaking to daily business paper Les Echos, hypothesised some of the dramatic increase may be down to the “presidential elections effect”.

When the government changes in France, usually all speeding tickets are written-off for the duration of the former government’s term in office.

Sarkozy got rid of the law when he came into office in 2007, but experts suspect a few motorists may not have realised.

New figures have also revealed how effective the speed cameras have been – in the past 10 years, since they were installed nationally, the number of road accidents has decreased dramatically.

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