Town hall sells fire station on internet

Local authorities in Noyant, north west France have found a novel way of raising funds in times of austerity - selling their old fire station on the internet.

Town hall sells fire station on internet

The announcement on the French personal adverts site,, offers the firestation for just €70,000, saying the 470m squared property comes with a spacious apartment, two garages and a sanitary block.

But no mention of a fireman’s pole being included in the price.

A employee at the local town hall told local newspaper Ouest France: “The selling price is really low, only €150 per square meter.

“Since July 19, the date the advert was put online, we’ve organised two visits to the fire station. It was decided to use this site because it works very well for private owners.

“But there is a lot of renovation to do.”

Since the firemen moved out of the station about 10 years ago, it has been rented as a private property by the town hall.

A restaurateur is currently renting the site for storage.

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Rural petrol stations struggle with 3-cent cut

Rural petrol stations in France are struggling to put in place a new three-cent reduction in fuel prices, claiming they cannot afford it.

Station owners in rural parts of France are saying the new measure, announced by the economics minister this week, is bad for businesses that have already been in decline for years.

They simply can’t afford to drop their prices, they claim.

The number of stations in the countryside has decreased by two thirds in the last 30 years – a result of petrol services in supermarkets and hypermarkets becoming more popular.

But a spokesperson for the national federation for the automobile industry, Emile Repusseau, underlined that people living in the countryside are precisely the ones who need the three-cent reduction the most.

“Their situation is becoming critical,” she told newspaper Le Parisien.

But, she noted:

“A lot of these initiatives have zero profitability [for petrol stations]. As a result, it is impossible to ask them to put in place extra efforts.”