Fake paraplegic slaps women’s bottoms

A man pretended to be paraplegic, using a wheelchair to slap women on their behinds and expose himself to others near Toulouse.

In the town of Montberon, north of Toulouse, the 62-year-old man had no less than 14 entries on his criminal record, for a medley of offenses including aggravated procuring, indecent exposure and indecent assault.

The man was diagnosed as being paraplegic in 1994, but authorities recently discovered that this handicap was in fact a stunt used to assault women, daily La Dépèche reports.

He was exposed in December last year, when a witness saw him standing up during an attack on a 58-year-old woman.

At the Montberon clinic, the man insulted a partially-handicapped woman, slapped her on the buttocks and slipped his hand inside her underwear.  

A witness however recognised the man and reported him to the police.

In July, the case against the fake cripple was however dismissed when he appeared in court in his wheelchair. A neighbour then reported that he often went for walks with the suspect and had never seen him use a wheelchair.

The man was condemned to a 12-month suspended prison sentence, with compulsory psychological treatment for 2 years.

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Bodies of two babies found in French freezer

Two newborn babies whose corpses were found in a woman's freezer in southern France did not die of natural causes, prosecutors said on Monday.

Bodies of two babies found in French freezer

 “The two children were not stillborn,” Florence Galtier, prosecutor in the southern town of Avignon, told AFP, citing an autopsy.

Their deaths were “not natural in origin”, she added, after the discovery at the home of a 41-year-old woman arrested last Thursday in the southern village of Bedoin.

The woman was charged Friday on suspicion of murder of two minors.

It is not known if she is the mother of the victims, both girls.

The autopsy showed one of the babies had suffered a blow leaving “cranial and intracranial” bruising, believed to be the cause of death.

Galtier said it was not clear if the injuries were the result of violence or a fall, a lack of care or something else.

She added it had also not been established if the girls were twins — or even unrelated.

Police received a telephone tip off from a man whose identity and potential connection to the case are also unclear.

France has known similar cases over the years.

Last March, a woman in her 30s was placed under investigation after two frozen babies were found at her home.

In 2015, five bodies were found in a similar case which saw the mother handed an eight-year jail term.

Another case which went down in French legal annals was that of Veronique Courjault, given an eight-year sentence in 2009 for killing three of her newborn children.

The bodies of two were discovered in a freezer in the home she shared with her husband in South Korea.