Skippy the French kangaroo woos village

Skippy the French kangaroo woos village
Ouest France
A village in western France has acquired an unlikely new resident: a kangaroo called Skippy.

"When the children told me they had seen a kangaroo, I just didn’t believe them," says Jacques Allain, town councillor in an interview with Ouest France. "But we realised they were right when he appeared under our windows."

The one-year-old marsupial escaped his owner’s garden in November last year, but has since settled in a nearby forest and often appears in the village gardens.

His owner Romuald Feigean bought the animal to mow his lawn. He hoped Skippy would become an eco-friendly lawn-mower.

"I bought him in Vendée. But when I let him out here, that very evening, he disappeared," says Feigean.

Local hunters tried to catch him during a fox hunt. But the Antipodean  was far too quick and agile.

Since that day, Skippy has enjoyed improved relations with his neighbours, becoming a particular hit with the children of the village. He swipes the occasional lettuce from vegetable patches, but has not wrecked any gardens. 


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