Police arrest ‘grandad’ drug dealers

A gang of middle-aged 'old school gangsters' in Marseille has been caught with a stash of firearms, a drugs lab and two kilos of cocaine.

Anti-drug officers arrested the five suspects end June in the town of Marseille. Suspects include older big shots of the Marseille criminal scene such as 61-year-old Christian Bonelli, 60-year-old Parick Mazella and 59-year-old Gérard Clar, AKA big boss.

"These drug dealers did everything to remain as discreet as possible. They are old-school gangsters," a source close to the investigation told Le Parisien. "We are far from the flashy Audis and the Mercedes traffickers usually enjoy. "

Indeed it’s under the seats of a modest Mitsubishi Colt that police discovered 2 kilos of cocaine during searches.

Police also discovered a "makeshift" lab, with a press, scales and a kilo of cocaine, in an abandoned villa in Mimet near Marseille.

The gang reportedly supplied drugs in Nice and poorer neighbourhoods in Marseille.

The five suspects were also caught with firearms,  including a machine pistol and a revolver, as well as €70,000 in cash.

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