Love-sick sprayer goes on citywide graffiti spree

A love-struck vandal has sprayed two kilometres worth of graffiti in the northern town of Caen in a bid to let a girl called Manon know that he or she was desperately in love with her.

"I love you Manon", "I’m nothing without you", and even "bite me": these are the words an unknown lover has sprayed all over Caen.

Nothing was spared as the smitten artist covered a two-kilometre stretch with messages and little yellow and pink hearts. Bus stops, benches, walls, bins, lampposts and even a roadside cross all felt the warm spray of love, newspaper Ouest France reports.

Police have itemized some 40 new instances of graffiti in the city's right bank district and believe the amorous scribbler hit the streets overnight on July 14th, Bastille Day.

"We’ve started receiving complaints from residents," said deputy mayor Jean-Louis Touzé in an interview with local paper Côté Caen.

The city's clean-up squads have been kept busy this week trying to rid the town's walls of the passionate scrawls.

If caught, the love-sick culprit will face a fine of €3,750 ($4,600) and will have to perform community service.

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