Villagers set up lottery to help killer

The village of Vezet, north of Besançon, has set up a lottery to help electrician Charles Beau, who was convicted for killing a disabled neighbour.

The murderer has already served a year in jail but still has to pay €80,000 to the relatives of the victim, Le Parisien reports.

In July 2008, Charles Beau was convicted of deliberate unpremeditated assault resulting in death and required to serve a suspended sentence of five years in jail. Beau had caught his neighbour Frederic Badet breaking into a shed and stabbed him. The 35-year-old Badet, who is partially physically disabled, had committed several offenses in Vezet.

Beau was released early and required to pay the victim's family €80,000 in damages.

That’s when the villagers stepped in. The members of a local charity group, T’huits printemps, have been organizing lotteries and selling sweets to help Beau and his family, a move that has distressed the relatives of the victim.

"My son is dead, I’ll never see him again, whereas Mr. Beau, who is a killer, is free and supported by Vezet," she told the AFP newswire.

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