McDonald’s staff kick out digital glasses inventor

McDonald's staff kick out digital glasses inventor
Photo: Steve Mann
A Canadian university professor has claimed he was kicked out of a McDonald’s restaurant on the Champs-Elysées in Paris because he was wearing a pair of computer-assisted glasses.

University of Toronto professor Steve Mann, the inventor of digital glasses, says he was booted out of a Paris McDonald's on July 1st.

Mann has been wearing digital glasses since the 1980s and is said to have inspired Google Glass.

He says staff objected to his EyeTap headset, integrated camera and his ability to record photos, Mann writes on his blog.

Mann says he presented documentation to restaurant staff including a doctor’s certificate and technical documents about the digital headset.

He explains that while he was eating a meal with his family a staff member attempted to pull the digital headset off his head, which cannot be removed without special tools, before tearing up his medical documentation and kicking him out of the restaurant.

However, Mann was able to recover footage of the assault on his mobile phone. On the photos McDonald's staff members are clearly visible questioning Mann and tearing up documents.

According to French radio Europe 1, McDonald’s says it is checking the details of the alleged assault and may take action.

Mann supporters meanwhile have set up a Facebook page and are calling on people to visit the McDonald’s on the Champs-Elysées and take photos.

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