Secret files revealed in Hollande TV feature

Secret files revealed in Hollande TV feature
TF1 Screenshot

A TV report into the daily work of President François Hollande revealed secret files by mistake. 

In the report that was aired on TV channel TF1, the camera zooms in on files scattered on Hollande’s desk, as he chats about his life in the Elysée Palace. 

But the cameraman filmed the documents so closely that it was possible to read the notes Hollande had taken about upcoming meetings. 

On one of the pages, Hollande had jotted down details of a confidential meeting with Prince Mohamed ben Zayed al-Nayan from Abu Dhabi.

Relations with Abu Dhabi have been difficult under François Hollande. A sale of 60 Rafale planes from French arms-maker Dassault to Abu Dhabi has been stalled since he came to power, Midi Libre reports. The confidential meeting might be a sign that relations are easing between the two countries.

The feature also includes a close-up of Hollande’s diary, which reveals several meetings that were not made public on the official Elysée website. 

The report was aired during the prime time 8pm news bulletin.