Thieves undone by pics taken on stolen camera

A group of teenagers were caught out after photos of themselves were found on a digital camera a man claimed was stolen from him while taking a nap on a park bench in Montpellier.

The man decided to have a rest in a park at 4.30 in the morning before getting his train home. When he woke up he found his digital tablet, €100 in cash and his digital camera had gone.

Meanwhile, in another part of the town, police had stopped four boys who were carrying a digital tablet and a camera. After taking their details they let them go.

It was only after returning to the police station they learnt about the theft. Immediately they found the address of one of the boys they had stopped earlier, who lived in Mèze, 30km from Montpellier.

At the house they seized the camera from the 19-year-old, only to find pictures of two other boys, as well as snapshots of the digital tablet.

The next day police arrested the other two boys, 16 and 18 years old, and took them to the police station for questioning, where the other boy was being held from the night before.

All three boys claim to have found the money and camera in the road, but refuse to give the name of the fourth boy, who they say took the digital tablet.

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