Cannes bans poll of OAP’s sex habits

The mayor of Cannes has stopped a survey on the sexual practices of old people living in nursing homes in the southern costal town, after interviewees complained the questions were too intrusive. 


The survey took an unashamed look at sexuality. Questions included: “How often do you have sex: frequently, rarely, never?”, “would you define yourself as heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual?” and “do you masturbate?”.

The questionnaire sent to nursing home residents was anonymous. Despite this, many residents complained to authorities that the questions were too personal.

When rightwing mayor Bernard Brochand found out that people were upset by the questions, he stopped the initiative. 

Local social services say they are disappointed the mayor of Cannes did not appreciate their work, Nice Matin reports.

The survey was launched by local social services and an AIDS association SIDA Info Service. 

“We noticed that, 4.7 percent of the people who have recently discovered they had AIDS were aged over 60, in the Provence region, that percentage reaches 7 percent,” says Stéphane Grondin, a SIDA Info Service official in an interview with the AFP.

“It’s a pity because we have been working on this project for about a year,” said Grondin. “The important thing in the whole project is that people start talking about themselves.”

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