Energy drinks blamed for heart deaths

Two recent deaths in France have been linked to the consumption of energy drinks in France, causing health authorities to launch an investigation.

Health watchdog Anses said on Wednesday that the sudden deaths of two apparently healthy people from heart attacks were linked to the consumption of energy drinks. 

The watchdog said a previous death had recently already been brought to their attention. It is calling on doctors and medical staff in France to report any incident related to energy drinks.

The agency has been monitoring energy drinks, which include taurine, caffeine, guarana, ginseng or vitamins since 2008, the newswire AFP reports. It says drinking such sodas combined with alcohol is a particularly risky combination 

“Undesirable effects include fatal heart failure, epilepsy, comas and behaviour difficulties,” says Anses. 

This is not the first time it is reporting heart failures linked to energy drinks.

Over the past four years, nine cases of heart failures or fatal heart attacks were reported. Four of the victims were under the age of thirty and had consumed energy drinks with alcohol at parties. 

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