The French: living longer but more worn out

The French: living longer but more worn out
Emiliano Spada

A new survey has found that the French are champions of longevity in Europe, but their quality of life deteriorates more quickly than that of other Europeans.

A study by Ined has revealed that life expectancy in France is one of the best in Europe, in line with Spain. In 2010 Frenchwomen lived an average of 85.3 years – women Bulgaria, by contrast, had a life expectancy of 77.4.

Men in France could expect to live until 78.2, the eighth best in Europe.

But that’s where the good news ends. Because although the French live longer than average, the age their health starts to deteriorate is much lower.

It seems the French don’t “age well”, according to Ined. At 63.5 years old for woman and 61.9 for men, they start experiencing pains and can no longer perform “normal activities”, such as lifting the arm above the head and walking at a fast pace. 

Men in Sweden experience good health until 71.7 years, and in Malta until 70.2. Women until 71 and 71.6 respectively.

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