Man steals yacht to ‘escape CIA sex attack’

A man was arrested after stealing an 18 meter yacht in Beaulieu-sur-Mer, 10km from Nice, apparently to escape from the CIA, who he said wanted to sexually exploit him.

The 46 year old man took the yacht, called Lady-Ice, on Tuesday morning because he believed the CIA was following him.

He attempted to board other yachts in the town’s marina before finding the Lady-Ice. Witnesses saw his strange behaviour and alerted police.

Despite not having a boating licence, the man managed to set the yacht moving – but forgot to cast off, causing the engine to stall only 300 meters out of the quay.

On exiting the marina he hit and damaged five other boats.

Police and Nice’s maritime brigade quickly intercepted the self-made captain.

He later told the authorities he stole the boat to attempt to get to Africa. He had to flee France because the CIA was following him, with the intention of imposing sexual favours.

The man was already known to police. He is currently being kept in a psychiatric unit in Nice.

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French electrician sues Netflix for labelling him a radical Islamist

A French man of North African origin has accused Netflix of racial discrimination for labelling him a radical Islamist in an action movie for which he was filmed without his knowledge, his lawyer said on Monday.

French electrician sues Netflix for labelling him a radical Islamist
The Netflix movie Sentinelle was set and filmed in Nice. Photo: Valery Hache/AFP

Sentinelle, set in the southern city of Nice, tells the story of an elite French soldier returning from service in Syria who embarks on a mission to find the man who raped her sister.

One scene shows the protagonist, Klara, looking through the sights of her rifle at two young friends saying goodbye to each other.

The scene was shot on the Promenade des Anglais, the seaside walk where a Tunisian radical mowed down 86 people with a truck on July 14th, 2016.

The French subtitles Netflix provided to describe the scene for the hard of hearing refer to two young “barbus” – a derogatory term for ultraconservative Muslim men that means “the bearded ones”.

One of the men, a 21-year-old electrician from Nice, filed a criminal complaint against Netflix over the description, accusing the company of “provoking discrimination and racial hatred,” his lawyer Jean-Pascal Padovani said.

“The director took the liberty of drawing a line between the North African features of the people he filmed… and religious fundamentalists,” Padovani said.

That the shot was filmed at the scene of one of the worst terror attacks in French history was even more suggestive, he added.

“It’s unacceptable as it suggests that anyone of North African origin is a potential terrorist,” Padovani said.

A spokesperson for Netflix, which was targeted by the complaint as the film’s broadcaster, declined to comment on the matter when contacted by AFP.

It has, however, removed the term “barbus” from the audio description.

Padovani said that his client had received over 80 messages from acquaintances who recognised him in the film, which was shot in 2019 and began streaming on Netflix in March.

Some expressed shock at seeing him depicted as a terrorist, he said.

The complainant is also considering suing Netflix for using his image for commercial purposes without his permission, Padovani said.

Sentinelle was directed by French film-maker Julien Leclercq.