A children’s film broadcast on French cable channel Canal + was interrupted this weekend – by a scenes from a porn film.

"/> A children’s film broadcast on French cable channel Canal + was interrupted this weekend – by a scenes from a porn film.

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Porn scenes interrupt children’s film on French TV

A children’s film broadcast on French cable channel Canal + was interrupted this weekend – by a scenes from a porn film.

A few seconds of pornographic images were broadcast in the middle of the day last Sunday to viewers watching online.

The channel’s official twitter account tweeted yesterday: “Sincere apologies for Sunday’s #fail. The images were only visible on our WebTV service, lasted a few seconds, and weren’t very clear.”

Canal+ claimed a technical hitch was to blame for the incident after being questioned by the Conseil Supérieur de l’Audiovisuel, France’s television watchdog.

The company says there will be a full internal investigation to find out exactly what happened, and to ensure the incident is never repeated.

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French porn star piqued over Macron’s desire to crackdown on X-rated films

A star of French porn films has challenged President Emmanuel Macron to meet with him and female porn actresses after France's leader aroused his anger by linking the porn industry to violence against women and inequality.

French porn star piqued over Macron's desire to crackdown on X-rated films
Manuel Ferrara (right) wants to talk porn with Emmanuel Macron. AFP

Manuel Ferrara was furious over the president's speech at the weekend which outlined his plan to tackle violence against women and ensure equality between the sexes.

According to Macron pornography makes women “an object of humiliation” and that action needs to be taken because porn films are now so widely watched among school children.

Ferrara hit back on Twitter and invited the president to discuss the issue.

“I am involved in this industry that you are trying to demonize by making this kind of remark. I am ready to sit down with you and discuss a topic that by all accounts you know nothing about. I'm waiting for your call!”


(Manuel Ferrara. AFP)

In an interview with France Inter radio the porn star continued to criticize the president saying he found his remark “shocking”.

“He demonizes the porn industry and is jumping to conclusions (faire un amalgame). It's the same with video games. It's like saying 'a teenager who plays Call of Duty is going to pick up a gun and kill everyone in his school'.”

Ferrara wants Macron to also talk to women involved in the pornography industry, which he insists is entertainment above all, to ask them what they think.

“There is a huge part of the porn industry that doesn't humiliate women,” he said, pointing to “niche films” in which women dominate men.

The actor admits that there is a real problem that young people can access porn online without any difficulty.

On Saturday Macron announced his plan to extend the powers of France's broadcasting regulator CSA to cover X-rated films as well as launch an awareness campaign on pornography in secondary schools.

“The CSA plays an indispensable role in regulating audiovisual content everywhere and stopping the most undignified behavior becoming a form of tacit propaganda,” said the president.

“Today we do not regulate access to video games, internet content and pornographic content that is increasingly available.”

In 2018, under the authority of the Prime Minister and with the special commitment of the Minister of Justice, we will have to rethink the framework of our regulation,” Macron said vowing to tighten controls on all content “which can… lead to violence, in particular against the women.”

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