Great pussy purge puzzles French town


In 2011, several hundred cats disappeared in the town of Angers. Animal protection groups suspect that a fur trafficker or a madmen might be attacking the cats.


Great pussy purge puzzles French town

“It’s a serious phenomenom,” says Marie-Louise Triollet, vice-president of the French society for the prevention of cruelty to animals (SPA) in an interview with Ouest France. “We have to warn the people of Angers. Tell cats owners to remain vigilant.”

In 2011, 522 cats disappeared in the town of Angers in the west of France, up from 200 in 2000.

“It’s the first time we have this type of problem,” says SPA president Michel Bernardin.

The members of his organisation have been speculating about the reasons why pets are mysteriously going missing in Angers. The cat disappearances occur in several areas of the town Avrillé, Tréazé ou des Ponts-de Cé, reports Angers Ma Ville.

“Who is behind these disappearances? And why?,” asks Michel Bernardin. “All the hypotheses have been examined… even the work of fur traffickers,” says Michelle Doisneau in an interview with Angers Ma ville. “It’s happened in other cities. In Nantes, the police uncovered a trafficking network that was providing eastern countries with cat fur.”

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Pensioner held over murder on French nudist beach

A 75-year-old man has been arrested in France over a murder on a well-known nudist beach outside the southeastern city of Lyon, prosecutors said.

Pensioner held over murder on French nudist beach

The victim, aged 46, was killed on Saturday at the La Mama beach on a lake in the Lyon suburb of Miribel, regional prosecutors said.

The 75-year-old is suspected of shooting the victim multiple times in the bushes nearby following a dispute that arose after the younger man allegedly exposed himself in front of a woman, they added.

The regional daily Le Progres said that the suspect is a member of a shooting club and legally possesses a calibre 22 rifle. The victim was known to the police, it said.

The Le Parisien daily added that according to its information the victim had been a cause of trouble on the beach all Saturday morning with tensions rising to a peak when he began to masturbate in front of a woman.

An altercation ensued at which point the septuagenarian reached for his gun.

Le Progres said that at the peak of the summer season the beach — well known to Lyon’s inhabitants — was operating as normal on Sunday.

Participants in the World Naked Bike Ride France arrived even as police carried out investigations and images showed naked bathers enjoying the hot weather.