84-year-old granny chases off burglar

An 84-year-old French retiree who discovered a burglar in her home, chased him away after ripping his t-shirt.

“Why does anybody attack old people like us? It’s so cowardly,” 84-year-old Odette Amann told Nice Matin.

On Friday afternoon, Amann discovered a burglar in the kitchen of her home in the town of Menton, east of Monaco. The man had taken her purses and several valuable objects. But Amann did not cower or let him go away with the cash, instead she confronted the burglar.

“I didn’t want him to leave with all my money! He was tall and thin. But I still latched into his t-shirt. I pulled with all my strength and the t-shirt ripped,” Amann told Nice Matin.

But the burglar managed to flee to the door, leaving Amann with bruises on her arms and a cut finger. Amann unsuccessfully tried to keep up with the burglar, following him outside and calling out for the police.

After the theft, Amann said she regrets most losing belongings that had sentimental value, especially presents from her deceased husband.