Rampaging cow tramples visitors in field

Rampaging cow tramples visitors in field

A cow takes sudden dislike to owner, charges and wounds three people in a field in the south of France.

Apparently, it’s a rare accident in the farming world. A cow suddenly took a dislike to a farmer, his wife and a retired neighbour who were strolling in a field in Caylus, near the southern city of Toulouse.

On Tuesday afternoon, the cow teared towards the three visitors, knocking over two of them and leaving the third, the wife, in shock, French daily La Depeche reports.

The owner of the cow was wounded at the head.

It’s surprising attack seeing as the farmer, who owned the cow and the fields, was no stranger, but a familiar visitor. The farmer was showing his livestock to the retired neighbour when the attack occurred.

The three people were evacuated to a nearby hospital in the town of Villefranche-de-Rouergue. Police have opened an investigation into why the cow attacked its owners.