Campaign puts Sarkozy on his deathbed

Campaign puts Sarkozy on his deathbed

Pro-euthanasia activists have launched a shock campaign to promote assisted suicide for terminally ill patients. The ad campaign shows three centrist and right-wing presidential candidates on their deathbeds.

Marine Le Pen’s head sags into her hospital bed. The leader of the far-right Front Nationale is gazing into the void and her cheeks are hollow. That’s just one of the posters that portray French presidential candidates on their deathbed.

Pro-euthanasia activists have used image manipulation techniques to show several politicians including French President Nicholas Sarkozy and the centrist candidate François Bayrou suffering from terminal illnesses.

The pressure group, ADMD, which represents pro-euthanasia supporters, are launching this controversial ad campaign in the French weekly Les Inrockuptibles.

The campaign only targets rightwing or centrist candidates. The group says it has spared Socialist candidate François Hollande because he has come out in support of assisted suicide.

In a long interview with Le Figaro’s weekend magazine, Sarkozy – like Bayrou and Le Pen – said he was against giving terminally ill patients the right to die. “Legalising euthanasia could lead to dangerous developments, and would be against our concept of human dignity.”

A 2011 poll showed that 94 percent of French citizens were in favour of legalising euthanasia.