Women to sue France over faulty implants

Women to sue France over faulty implants
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A dozen French women who have received faulty PIP breast implants say they want to sue the state for its failure to reimburse them for breast replacement surgery.

French authorities are only reimbursing the removal and replacement of PIP implants for women who received the implants for medical reasons. Women who chose to get breast implants for cosmetic reasons will not be reimbursed for replacement surgery.

Speaking on French radio Europe 1, one of the women said the different treatment is tantamount to discrimation.

“I don’t understant why there are so-called real victims on the one hand and bad victims on the other,” said Valerie, one of the women who wants to sue the state.

“I was extremely flat-chested and suffered from all sorts of problems, an image problem, depression, things like that. When I had the operation, things got a lot better for me.”

French implant manufacturer PIP was closed down by health authorities after they discovered the firm was using non-medical silicone gel in implants which were twice as likely to rupture as other products in the same category.

While it is feared that the silicone gel used in the PIP implants is linked to cancer, French health authorities have not been able to establish a link.

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