Hollande falls for radio prankster

Socialist presidential candidate François Hollande was invited to take part in a TV show with a French star presenter. Hollande at first accepts the offer. Then he hears the details.

Comic Olivier Bourg pretended to be the assistant of star presenter Patrick Sébastien during a phone conversation with Hollande that was broadcast on French radio station Fun Radio. He invites the Socialist candidate to take part in a upcoming TV show “The world’s largest cabaret”.

Bourg flatters Hollande who is the frontrunner in the run-up to elections in April and tells him the presenter shares his political views. He then tells Hollande he would expected to dress up as a Dino, a French humorist with slicked-back hair and a clownish behaviour.

“We’ll have to discuss that because it won’t be easy,” replies Hollande, Le Parisien reports.

He then asks Hollande if he would agree to sing, ride a bike and act with his former partner and fellow senior socialist Ségolène Royal. Hollande refuses. Bourg explains that Royal, who was presidential candidate in 2007, has accepted to take part in the show.

Hollande still refuses, saying that his ex-partner is not the issue, it’s “the whole thing”.

To hear recording on Le Parisien click here


VIDEO: Unamused French mayor reassures tourists after they’re told to ‘Go f***ing home’

A mayor in the south of France has been forced to reassure holidaymakers that they are still welcome on the beach after he failed to see the funny side of an airplane banner telling holidaymakers to "go f***ing home".

A French mayor has apologized to tourists after an unusual message was delivered by plane to people sunbathing on Carnon beach near Montpellier in southern France. 
Holidaymakers on the popular tourist beach, situated close to France's border with Spain, were no doubt surprised to see a plane flying overhead pulling a banner with the words, “Go home fucking tourists” in English followed by the same message in Spanish, as they soaked up the summer sunshine. 
Needless to say beachgoers were left bemused as the video below shows.
The police stepped in before the same message could be delivered in French. 
Thankfully the banner wasn't the work of disgruntled locals fed up at seeing their resort invaded by the summer hordes.
The stunt was actually the work of a popular French Youtube prankster Remi Gaillard who started filming pranks for the video sharing website after losing his job in a shoe store. 
The video below was filmed by Gaillard and shows how he pulled off the stunt.
But not everyone was laughing. 
The mayor of the city of Mauguio Carnon, Yvon Bourrel – no doubt concerned about the opinion this would give tourists of the popular holiday spot – took to Twitter to denounce the stunt as “upsetting”, assuring tourists that he was happy to welcome them to the town this summer. 
While the man behind the prank snapped back on Twitter that while the stunt was a joke, what he finds “upsetting” is the fact that first-aid posts close at 6.30pm when the beaches are still packed with people. 
The humorist then claimed that thanks to his “joke” first aiders on the beach went into extra time on Sunday evening, allowing them to come to the rescue of a holidaymaker from Paris who became ill after 6.30pm.