€30,000 charge for car parked for 3 years

€30,000 charge for car parked for 3 years
Photo: Kristina D.C. Hoeppner

A French driver who left his car in a car lot in Luxembourg faces a €30,000 bill if he wants to get his car back.

The owner of Capucins theatre car park in Luxembourg says a car registered in France has not been moved for the past three years, Luxembourg daily L’Essential reports.   

The daily rate in the parking lot is €26.90, which means the driver would have to pay €30,000 if he wants his car back.

The owner of the parking lot however says he would agree to let the forgetful driver pay the yearly subscription rate of €3,000. “But even then, I don’t think the driver will fetch his car. His parking ticket is worth more than his car,” the owner told L’Essential.

The owner says he has tried to find the driver, but admits he lives in France and cannot be identified. He also says the driver has not broken any laws and his vehicle will stay parked at a daily rate of €26.90.