French reminded to get rid of their francs

As the euro crisis continues, French people are being warned they only have less than three months to hand in notes from their old currency, the French franc, if they want to be reimbursed.

French reminded to get rid of their francs

A campaign has been running on TV to get the message through. Two separate advertisements feature the same actors playing different characters. 

In one, Jean-Gérard asks Pierre-Marie if he knows what his grandmother told him to put in his washing to make it smell good. “Yes, Monsieur Jean-Gérard” says Pierre-Marie. “French franc notes, ten years ago.” Jean-Gérard gasps with shock as a voiceover asks viewers to remember where they may have left their last French francs.

In a second version, the two men are dressed as women, Jacqueline and Nicole, and find a stash of notes in some books.

Both advertisements end with the message that notes must be handed in by February 17th 2012.

French franc notes each featured a well-known figure from French history, including the composer Claude Debussy (20 francs), the author Antoine de Saint-Éxupéry (50 francs), the painter Cézanne (100 francs), engineer Gustave Eiffel (200 francs) and scientists Pierre et Marie Curie (500 francs).

A 20 franc note will be exchanged for €3.04 ($4.09). The campaign is supported with a website with more information

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