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Four out of five British expats fear Brexit will strip them of rights to live abroad

Most British expatriates in the European Union are chiefly concerned that Brexit will strip them of their rights to live in their adopted country, according to the latest survey published on Wednesday.

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An artist entombed inside a 12-tonne rock for nearly three days has described the experience as like "tripping", insisting he would stick it out for a week.

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$672m raised for Lake Chad famine at Oslo donor meet

Donor countries have pledged $672 million (634 million euros) in emergency aid for people threatened by famine in the Lake Chad region.



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French companies are increasingly willing to employ people who don't speak French, and German-speakers are finding themselves in demand, according to new figures.

No legal let up as French candidates face probes

France's presidential frontrunners Francois Fillon and far-right leader Marine Le Pen can expect no pause in legal investigations targeting them ahead of elections in April, the justice minister said Sunday.


Académie Française blasts Paris Olympics' English slogan for 'sounding like a pizza commercial'

"What is this, a pizza commercial?" French language chiefs at the Académie française are not happy with Paris Olympics slogan.