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Man charged for 'planning tourist attack in France'
The mosque in Lunel, a townnotorious as a hotbed of jihadis. Photo: Pascal Guyot / AFP

The man was charged late on Friday night over his plans to attack the tourist hot spot of Carcassone in southern France.

French jets strike Isis oil sites in Syria: minister
A French army Mirage 2000 fighter jet prepares to take off. Photo: Kenzo Tribouillard/AFP

French warplanes bombed Islamic State group oil installations close to its Syrian stronghold of Raqqa on Friday, as France's defence minister visited the Jordanian air base where the jets took off.

Paris terror aftermath
France: 'EU must crack down on fake passports'
French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve. Photo: Remy Gabalda/AFP

France has called on the European Union to do more to detect fake Syrian passports like those used by two of the bombers in the Paris attacks.

Paris attacks aftermath
Paris attacks probe: What we know so far
Photo: AFP

Four weeks after a group of Islamic extremists killed 130 people in Paris, investigators have not yet identified all the perpetrators of France's worst-ever terror attacks nor located a key fugitive. Here's what we do know.

Hollande salutes first British airstrikes in Syria
Photo: AFP

The French president has commended Britain’s first airstrikes in Syria after the UK parliament gave the green light late on Wednesday. The vote represents a major political boost for Hollande.

Hollande to make Isis fight plea to Merkel
Hollande and Merkel in Paris last month. Photo: Alain Jocard/AFP

French President Francois Hollande, just off the plane from Washington, is to meet German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday, seeking support for his faltering effort to forge a coalition to fight Islamic State jihadists.

Turkey seizes Paris attack suspect at border
Ahmad Dahmani, 26, is led away by Turkish police. Photo: Ihlas News Agency/AFP

Turkey has detained a Belgian citizen of Moroccan origin suspected of links to the Paris attacks and who was seeking to flee to Syria, a government official said Saturday.

Paris terror attacks
French–Russian air strikes 'kill 33 jihadists'
French soldiers prepare a Rafale fighter jet at an undisclosed location in the Persian Gulf on Tuesday as the French army conducts operations against Isis in Syria and Iraq. Photo: AFP

French and Russian air strikes in northern Syria have killed at least 33 jihadists with the Islamic State group in the last 72 hours, a monitoring group said on Wednesday.

Paris terror attacks
EU tells France: we'll help in war against Isis
French Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian with German counterpart Ursula van der Leyen in Brussels on Tuesday. Photo: Thierry Charlier/AFP

UPDATED: European defence ministers have unanimously backed a French request for help in defeating Isis, following Friday's Paris terror attacks.

French warplanes pound Isis Syria stonghold
Photo: AFP

France took the fight to Isis again on Monday night with warplanes carrying out fresh strikes on the organisation's stronghold in Raqqa.

Paris terror attacks
Hollande vows to crush Isis as hunt goes on
President François Hollande receives applause during a rare speech to parliament. Photo: Stéphane de Sakutin

President François Hollande promised intensified bombing of Syria in a historic speech to parliament, as the hunt for the possible mastermind of Friday's attacks on Paris gathered pace.

Paris terror attacks
Syrian refugees brace for Paris attack backlash
Syrian refugee women talk while looking after their children, sitting by a tent of a makeshift camp at Porte de Saint-Ouen, in northern Paris. Photo: Joel Saget/AFP

The discovery of a Syrian passport near the body of one attacker has sparked concerns that some assailants might have entered Europe as part of the huge influx of people fleeing Syria's civil war.

Paris terrorist attacks
French police trace 'two refugees' in Paris attacks
Photo: AFP

UPDATED: Two men who French police are seeking to trace in connection with the Paris attacks registered as refugees with Greek authorities earlier this year, the Greek police confirmed on Saturday.

French air strike hits Isis oil facility in Syria
Photo: AFP

France is continuing to bomb Isis targets in Syria with the government announcing on Monday that its air planes had hit an Isis oil facility.

Plea for French girl Lila, 'taken by jihadist dad'
Three-and-a-half-year-old Lila is feared to be Syria-bound. Photo: BFM TV

A Frenchwoman has issued a plea for help to bring home her three-year-old daughter, whom she says was "abducted" by her jihadist husband who has left for Syria.

France's air strikes likely killed French jihadists
A file picture taken on September 11, 2015, shows smoke rising in the distance behind an Islamic State (IS) group flag. Photo: AFP

Air strikes by French war planes against an Isis training camp in Syria are likely to have killed several French nationals, sources in France said on Monday. It is believed the fighters were preparing attacks on French soil.

War in Syria
France opens war crimes probe against Assad
France has opened a war crimes probe into Syria's Assad. Photo: Screengrab France 2

French authorities have launched a criminal probe of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's regime for alleged war crimes committed between 2011 and 2013, sources said.

Russia all talk but no action, says France
Photo: AFP

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius accused Russia Tuesday of displaying bravado on the Syria crisis that had yet to be backed up with action against the Islamic State group.

France could back Putin's Syria coalition
François Hollande speaking to the UN General Assembly. Photo: AFP

French president François Hollande told the UN General Assembly on Monday that Russia's wish for a coalition to fight Isis in Syria could be "possible" and that the December Paris climate conference was the last chance to save the planet.

French attacks on Isis 'only symbolic'
Displaced Syrian children, who fled their homes in the northeast city of Hasakeh due to attacks by the Islamic State group. Photo: AFP

French air strikes launched against Islamic State jihadists in Syria on Sunday may win Paris political capital, but are unlikely to yield serious military gains or stop terrorist attacks, analysts say.

EU ministers agree to refugee quota deal
People hold a placard, reading "France land of asylum, Beziers land of welcome", as demonstrators support Syrian refugees on Saturday in Beziers. Photo: AFP

EU interior ministers voted to distribute 120,000 refugees within Europe at emergency talks on Tuesday amid deep divisions over how to handle the continent's worst migration crisis in decades.

Routard launches France travel guide for refugees
Image: Routard

Frustrated by the French government's lack of response to Europe's refugee crisis, the producers of France's famous Routard travel guides have created a free guide especially for refugees.

France to target Isis in Syria 'in coming weeks'
French war planes will soon be targeting Isis in Syria. Photo: AFP

French warplanes will launch air strikes against Isis targets in Syria in the coming weeks, the government announced on Wednesday, just days after President François Hollande said the intervention was "necessary".

France moves closer to air strikes in Syria
Will French Rafale planes soon be launching air strikes over Syria? Photo: AFP

The French president appeared to take another step towards ordering air strikes in Syria when he said on Monday that the intervention would be "necessary" to target Isis fighters, who are preparing attacks on France.

Has France got a 'kill-list' in Syria like Britain?
French navy Rafale fighter jets prepare to take off from the aircraft craft carrier Charles de Gaulle operating in the Gulf. Photo: AFP

Is France about to follow the lead of the UK and start sending its warplanes to kill French citizens in Syria? The French public would certainly not be against the move, experts say.

Analysis - Solving Syria
France and UK's Syria move 'too little, too late'
François Hollande and David Cameron are changing tack on Syria, but many analysts suggest its too little, too late. Photo: AFP

France and Britain paved the way for air strikes against Isis targets in Syria on Monday but many experts say the move is too late in the game and not enough to ensure the impact Hollande and Cameron are hoping for.

France plans air strikes against Isis in Syria

France will fly reconnaissance missions over Syria to target Isis, President François Hollande has announced. He ruled out sending in ground troops.

Time for France to show fraternité to refugees?
Should France stick to its traditions and accept more refugees? Photo: AFP

As images of a drowned Syrian boy shock Europe to the core, France like other EU nations comes under more pressure to welcome more refugees. But will France open its doors as it has done in the past?

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