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Cap on EU roaming charges set to kick in
Photo: zoetnet/Flickr

EU mobile users will soon be calling from Alicante to Zagreb at lower prices.

Paris police to invest in drones to boost security
A BRI officer works with a drone during an operation. Photo: Miguel Medina/AFP

It's the latest in a slew of moves to step up security in Paris.

Giraffe dung to be used to heat homes in France
Photo: Valerie/Flickr

Manure from giraffes at a zoo in France will soon be warming homes in the local area.

French TV is about to change: What you need to know
Photo: AFP

French television is majorly stepping up its game tonight. Here's what you need to know.

Low-cost option launched for Paris-Brussels trains
Photo: Lars Steffens/Flickr

Fancy travelling between Paris and Brussels for just €10?

France responds to avalanche deaths with new app
Photo: AFP

The new smartphone app is launched amid a particularly tragic winter season.

France could fine Apple €1m unless it hacks smartphones
Photo: AFP

France could hit Apple and Google with €1 million fines if the tech giants fail to help authorities hack into terrorists' smartphones.

France demands €1.6 billion in tax from Google
Photo: AFP

French authorities want Google to cough up a whopping €1.6 billion in back taxes.

Eurostar launches new cross-Channel 'gift app'
Photo: AFP

Are you missing the taste of good old-fashioned Yorkshire pudding? Good news.

France rolls out fake speed cameras (but where are they?)
Photo: Philippe Huguen/AFP

France has began rolling out its new legion of fake speed cameras, which will soon number in the thousands, but where are they exactly?

Climb Mont Blanc from your armchair thanks to Google
On the summit of Mont Blanc with Google. Photo: GoogleMaps

Stay right where you are and allow Google's stunning new Street View project to take you to the very top of Mont Blanc.

AZERTY keyboard at centre of battle to protect French lingo
An AZERTY keyboard. Photo: The Local

The French government wants to set in stone the AZERTY computer keyboard, claiming the French language is suffering because of all the variations.

French drug trial goes wrong: How does drug approval work?
Photo: AFP

After a clinical drugs trial in France left one volunteer brain-dead and five others in a serious condition in hospital, here's a closer look at how drug approval works.

France shows the world a glimpse of the future
Parrot Bebop Drones fly at the booth of the French company Parrot in front of a "Je Suis Charlie" sign. Photo: AFP

'Made in France' gadgets have made a real splash at the world's biggest tech fair in Las Vegas and offered visitors a "glimpse of the future".

What did the French Google the most in 2015?
What did the French Google the most this year? Photo: AFP

They struggle with the English internet slang term "LMAO", have no idea what COP21 is but love a good sex romp: here's what the Google searches from France in 2015 tell us about the French.

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