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Emojis: French in love but less than happy
Love is in the air in France... at least when it comes to instant messaging services. Photo: Shutterstock

Emojis: French in love but less than happy

An extensive study of emoji-use around the world appears to confirm a few of the stereotypes about the French - notably that they are the most passionate, but perhaps not the happiest folk around. READ  

'Phishing email' the key to hacking of TV5Monde
The French television channel TV5 Monde was attacked by cyberjihadists last week. Photo: Pierre Verdy/AFP

'Phishing email' the key to hacking of TV5Monde

The jihadist cyber-attack against French television channel TV5Monde last week was set in motion in as far back as January, several sources with knowledge of the investigation said on Tuesday. READ  

French taxman trains sights on Apple
A woman takes pictures of a window shop displaying the Apple watch on Saint-Honore street in Paris in September 2014. Photo: Loic Venance/AFP

French taxman trains sights on Apple

The multinational tech giant Apple is being investigated by the French tax authorities, who are concerned over the amount of tax being paid on some seemingly low turnover figures in France. READ  

Paris holds film festival for blind cinema goers
Blind cinema goers had mixed reviews about the experience. Photo: Shutterstock

Paris holds film festival for blind cinema goers

In most movie theatres the lights go dark and the feature begins, but for an audience attending a Paris film festival underway this month, the whole world is dark and stays that way. READ  

France brings in 'expiry dates' on electronics

France has introduced new measures to ensure that customers won't be stung by cheap and faulty electronic goods, passing a new decree to ensure vendors publish "expiry dates" on products. READ  

Faulty pipe forces French nuke plant to shut down
Greenpeace activists stormed Fessenheim nuclear plant in March 2014. The plant was closed at the weekend due to a defective pipe. Photo: Frederick Florin/AFP

Faulty pipe forces French nuke plant to shut down

France's oldest nuclear plant at Fessenheim had to be shut down at the weekend due to a defected pipe, authorities said. Activists have long campaigned for the plant's permanent closure due to its age. READ  

Paris: Iron Lady goes green with power of wind
The Iron Lady is going green with old age. Photo: Jacques Demarthon/AFP

Paris: Iron Lady goes green with power of wind

The Eiffel Tower in Paris is making an effort to conserve its energy with two new state of the art wind turbines installed on the second floor, 127 metres off the ground. READ  

French are EU's least likely social networkers
French are the least likely out of all of Europe to use social networks. Photo: Internet photo

French are EU's least likely social networkers

The French are the least connected to social networks in all of Europe, according to a new EU survey released this week, and they are not into reading news online either. READ  

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Tourist or lifer: what sort of expat are you?

Are you a lifer or a tourist? Photo: Shutterstock

Tourist or lifer: what sort of expat are you?

The adventurous (or lost) souls who choose to start up life in another country come in all shapes and sizes, and relate to their home and adopted countries in different ways. See where on the spectrum you fit in. READ  

France vs Netflix, Amazon and Google
France may tax US giants to boost film sector
France wants to tax Netflix and Amazon to boost its own film and TV industry. Photo: Netflix

France may tax US giants to boost film sector

France is looking to decide this year on how it might tax US online giants Google, Amazon and Netflix to help fund its heavily subsidised film and television sector in response to changes brought on by Internet video streaming. READ  

Facebook helps to create '78,000 jobs in France'

The social media giant Facebook can be credited with creating 78,000 jobs in France last year, according to a recent study by the audit company Deloitte. The figure has nearly tripled in two years. READ  

France's artificial heart man is 'alive and well'

Doctors monitoring France's second patient to get a permanent artifical heart announced on Monday that he had returned home and was in good health, suggesting that artificial heart transplant patients can lead normal lives. READ  

Pegida in France?

Will anti-Islam protests take off in France?

French anti-Islamists, inspired by the huge turn-outs at the xenophobic “Pegida” demos in Germany, have organised a protest for Paris later this month. While the organiser tells The Local “it’s just a first step”, experts say it could never take off in France. READ  

French railway gears up to install Wi-Fi on trains

France’s state-owned rail group, the SNCF, is set to equip its high-speed trains with wireless internet technology, the country’s IT minister announced on Friday. The move comes just months after she publicly shamed the company about its lack of Wi-Fi on Twitter. READ  

Google says French really is language of love

It has been confirmed (again) that French is the language of love, as a Google Translate survey found it is the tongue most often used to translate romantic expressions. READ  

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